class Account\Wallet \ Anxpro

All implemented interfaces:
AccountType, AccountTypeInformation

Represents the ANXPRO exchange wallet.

Instances of this account may be represented as an Account, and can be used to obtain current balances for this account. For example, get the current wallet balances for a mining pool or exchange wallet.

In theory this could also be extended to cryptocurrency addresses? (from AccountType)

Method Summary

Name Description

Inherited Method Summary

Name Description
checkFields($account) Basic implementation of #checkFields() using regular expressions. (from SimpleAccountType)
fetchBalance($currency, $account, CurrencyFactory $factory, Logger $logger) Helper function to get all balances for the given currency for this account, or null if there is no balance for this currency. May block. (from SimpleAccountType)
fetchConfirmedBalance($currency, $account, CurrencyFactory $factory, Logger $logger) Helper function to get the current, confirmed, available balance of the given currency for this account. May block. (from SimpleAccountType)
throttle(Logger $logger, $default = 3) This allows all exchanges to optionally throttle multiple repeated requests based on a runtime configuration value. The throttle time is selected from either the accounts_NAME_throttle or accounts_throttle config values, or $default seconds; which is the time in seconds to wait between repeated requests. (from SimpleAccountType)
fetchJSON($url, Logger $logger, $throttle = 3) Fetch the JSON from the given GET URL, or throw a {@Link AccountFetchException} if something bad happened. (from AbstractWallet)
jsonDecode($raw) By default, calls Fetch#jsonDecode() (from AbstractWallet)
fetchBalances($account, CurrencyFactory $factory, Logger $logger) Get all balances for this account. May block. (from AbstractAnx)
fetchSupportedCurrencies(CurrencyFactory $factory, Logger $logger) Get a list of all the currencies supported by this account (e.g. "btc", "ltc", ...). Uses currency codes from openclerk/currencies. May block. (from AbstractAnx)
generatePostData($account) (from AbstractAnx)
getANXCode($str) (from AbstractAnx)
getFields() (from AbstractAnx)

public function getBalanceURL()

e.g. ""

public function getCode()

a unique string representing this account type; must be lowercase and 1-32 characters

public function getName()

the full name of the account type

public function getURL()

the URL of the account type, or null