class Account\Wallet \ JustcoinAnx

All implemented interfaces:
AccountType, AccountTypeInformation

Represents the new Justcoin exchange wallet, hosted through ANX. This is necessary because there are new API key and secret formats (issue #468).

Instances of this account may be represented as an Account, and can be used to obtain current balances for this account. For example, get the current wallet balances for a mining pool or exchange wallet.

In theory this could also be extended to cryptocurrency addresses? (from AccountType)

Method Summary

Name Description

Inherited Method Summary

Name Description
checkFields($account) Basic implementation of #checkFields() using regular expressions. (from SimpleAccountType)
fetchBalance($currency, $account, CurrencyFactory $factory, Logger $logger) Helper function to get all balances for the given currency for this account, or null if there is no balance for this currency. May block. (from SimpleAccountType)
fetchConfirmedBalance($currency, $account, CurrencyFactory $factory, Logger $logger) Helper function to get the current, confirmed, available balance of the given currency for this account. May block. (from SimpleAccountType)
throttle(Logger $logger, $default = 3) This allows all exchanges to optionally throttle multiple repeated requests based on a runtime configuration value. The throttle time is selected from either the accounts_NAME_throttle or accounts_throttle config values, or $default seconds; which is the time in seconds to wait between repeated requests. (from SimpleAccountType)
fetchJSON($url, Logger $logger, $throttle = 3) Fetch the JSON from the given GET URL, or throw a {@Link AccountFetchException} if something bad happened. (from AbstractWallet)
jsonDecode($raw) By default, calls Fetch#jsonDecode() (from AbstractWallet)
fetchBalances($account, CurrencyFactory $factory, Logger $logger) Get all balances for this account. May block. (from AbstractAnx)
fetchSupportedCurrencies(CurrencyFactory $factory, Logger $logger) Get a list of all the currencies supported by this account (e.g. "btc", "ltc", ...). Uses currency codes from openclerk/currencies. May block. (from AbstractAnx)
generatePostData($account) (from AbstractAnx)
getANXCode($str) (from AbstractAnx)
getFields() (from AbstractAnx)

public function getBalanceURL()

e.g. ""

public function getCode()

a unique string representing this account type; must be lowercase and 1-32 characters

public function getName()

the full name of the account type

public function getURL()

the URL of the account type, or null