namespace Users

Child Namespaces


Name Description
GoogleWithOpenID Allows us to get OpenID identity information through Google OAuth2, as described at
OAuth2Providers Provides an interface to supported OAuth2 providers. We need to provide a wrapper around this so we can map our oauth2 provider key (e.g. 'google' to the relevant ProviderInterface for OAuth2.) TODO this could be abstracted out into component-discovery for each provider
User Represents a user instance. Does not deal with authentication methods (e.g. passwords, OpenID, OAuth2).
UserAuthenticationMissingAccountException Represents a user trying to login but no account was found with the given credentials.
UserOAuth2 Allows users to be logged in with OAuth2. Based on
UserOpenID Allows users to be logged in with OpenID. Based on LightOpenID
UserPassword Allows users to be logged in with emails and passwords.